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Joerg, a passionate photographer and blogger from Sensorgrahy, was kindly enough to provide his review of the PlanIt! for Photographer. 


What making me feel excited the most is when he said “PlanIt! takes you beyond the capabilities of TPE.” As we all knew, TPE is a great (probably the first) app to provide the ephemeris information in an app, which was also the app that inspired me to add the ephemeris feature to the PlanIt. But our goal is this app is way more than what TPE can do.  As he already pointed out, being able to preview the Sun/Moon/Star/MilkyWay position using the VR mode is a great addition. Not to mention the simulation of the timelapse and the startrail feature. 

BTW, Joerg also helps us to translate the app into Germany after he saw some translations were not accurate (as they were not translated by a real photographer). Thanks. We will have a new release soon to include his translation. 


I usually log in to the Android market order inbox every morning to see how the sales going. This morning, I did the same thing but I am surprised to find out there are many sales for Advanced Ruler Pro from Japan during the night. There were sales from Japan market but not a whole lot. My gut feeling tells me Advanced Ruler Pro must be mentioned by a Japanese website. After googling around, I believe I found the site.


Even though I can’t read Japanese, with Google Translate, I can tell it tries to cover all the features in Advanced Ruler Pro. Maybe I should include a Japanese version of this app. Thanks Octoba!

I just happened to notice Advanced Ruler was mentioned by AndroidBoss about a month ago. I am flattered Advanced Ruler was picked among several other ruler apps. (Even though Advanced Ruler Pro is the only camera ruler on the android market, Advanced Ruler is not the only screen ruler. There is actually a relatively old screen ruler that has more than 50k downloads). I am even flattered that Android Ruler is listed side by side with other four great apps. All those four apps have > 250k downloads (some of them might have over 1 mil downloads)

Anyway, here is the link and the quoted text.  I don’t know the name of the reviewer but he/she certainly understand the Advanced Ruler very well and all he/she said below is very accurate. And thank you!


Quoted from AndroidBoss

Advanced Ruler

This app isn’t going to replace a 12 inch ruler or a 36 inch yardstick anytime soon for one simple reason: I don’t happen to have a phone with a 12 inch display. But if you just need to get a quick measurement of something small, there are a number of ruler apps in the Android Market.

Here’s why I like Advanced Ruler:

The software will automatically recognize a variety of Android smartphones, which lets it figure out exactly how large your screen is and automatically calibrate the ruler correctly. If your phone isn’t automatically recognized you can hit a calibrate button and use an old fashioned measuring tape to identify help the app figure out just how to draw the ruler on your smartphone.

You can also adjust the direction of the ruler and toggle between inches and centimeters. The ruler can be locked, which means you’ll just see 3 or 4 inches or so. Or you can unlock the ruler, allowing you to scroll past the edge of the screen to see the 5th inch or further.

Advanced Ruler also lets you adjust the text size, ruler style, and other settings.