Advanced Financial Calculator is a collection of useful calculators to help you making important financial decisions. Talking about complex financial calculations, usability is on top of our mind. Instead of asking people to input a lot of numbers, we tried our best to keep the required inputs minimum and do the complex calculation for you automatically. There are settings that you input just once and shared by all the calculators when needed. You can also save any calculations and bring it up anytime later. Want to share ther result with other people? No problem. Email/SMS features are right there waiting for you.
Below are the list of calculators available while we are still actively adding more.
  1. Mortgage Payment
  2. Rental ROI
  3. Loan Affordability
  4. Refinance or not
  5. Compare Auto Loans
  6. Rebate or Dealer Special Financing
  7. Lease or Purchase
  8. Pay Off Loan
  9. Accelerated Loan Pay Off
  10. Compare Loans with Points
  11. House Affordability
  12. CD Analyzer
  13. Saving Analyzer
  14. APR to APY Converter
  15. Tip Calculator
  16. Historical Inflation
  17. Tax Bracket
  18. Wage to Salary Converter
  19. Salary to Wage Converter

See below for some screenshots.