Advanced Eye Charts will turn your Android mobile phone into an accurate, multi-purpose, flexible, interactive and fun eye chart. It will be the only eye chart app you will ever need for your phone. You will make your iPhone friends envy as there is no such a nice app on iPhone yet.
  1. It is accurate because it has been calibrated with real eye chart.
  2. It is multi-purpose because it features both distant visual acuity test and near visual acuity test. Not only that, it also has a color vision test and color vision simulator as a bonus.
  3. It is flexible because it supports six different chart types – Snellen, Sloan, Tumbling ‘E’, Landolt ‘C’ (a.k.a broken wheel), HOTV and hand shapes for kids. It could be black on white as in real eye chart or white on black which could be better in case the room is not bright enough.
  4. It is interactive because it guides you through the testing process, allows multiple ways to check your answers including voice recognition, intelligently goes up and down the scale to look for your vision. At the end, it will show a report of all your answers and a result. In the other word, you can do the eye testing all by yourself and get a result you can trust.
  5. It is fun as you can use color blind simulator to find out what the pictures look like in color deficiencies people’s eyes. You will find it is a lot easier to get your kids attention to do the eye test as they would think the app is a game.