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After more than a year of effort, we finally released the first version of the PlanIt! for Photographers on iOS.!-for-photographers/id898876435 (iOS version, for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch) (Android version)

Just so you know, we are also migrating to this blog to and also are building up a new site for this app (not done yet). We will keep this blog updated as well during the transition.

Here are some screenshots on iPhone 6 plus. There is a user guide at

IMG_1093 IMG_1089 IMG_1091 IMG_1092 IMG_1096IMG_1090



I decided to make Advanced Camera Ruler free for a day and see how it went. To my surprise, it ended up with 23682 downloads just in one day. It did extremely well in China and many European countries. If I remember correctly, I haven’t seen this amount of downloads in any of our apps on Android, although I never made Advanced Ruler Pro free on Android. All the free versions on Android are feature-limited version of the corresponding paid version which will of course attract less people. Comparing with the sales of this app when it is not free, I decided to keep it free for a week or so, or even consider switching to ads support model. Will see.

I also decided to release a new version to translate this app to a few other languages. It is very disappointing to see some users’ comment saying the camera won’t turn on. The reason is the camera height has to be input first before the camera preview is turned on. There is a message right there on the screen but since many of the users don’t understand English, they don’t understand what it said. Other users try to aim at the object directly and hope the app will give the direct distance between the camera and the object. Many users never read instruction. No to complain as we sometimes do the same thing. I’ll just find a creative way to make it more intuitive.

Our second app “Advanced Camera Ruler ” for iPhone is available on sale. We ported this app from our most popular Android app “Advanced Ruler Pro” to iPhone. We kept the two most useful features – the distance ruler and the height ruler and integrate them into Advanced Camera Ruler. We also improved the usability of the ruler. You will find it is extremely easy to use.

Here is the link to the iTune store. It is on sales at 99 cents.

We also prepared a quick tutorial to show you how to use the Advanced Camera Ruler.

Have worked on Android for almost a year, we are expanding to Apple’s iPhone market as planned. We decided to port Advanced Tip Calculator over from Android to iPhone as our first app. It will be a free app that has the full feature of the paid app Advanced Tip Calculator on Android. I have to say, the experience working on the two platforms are totally different. Good news is Apple finally approved this app after a week waiting. It is live on app store now.

Here are  some screenshots.

And here is the link to the iTune store.