Joerg, a passionate photographer and blogger from Sensorgrahy, was kindly enough to provide his review of the PlanIt! for Photographer.

What making me feel excited the most is when he said “PlanIt! takes you beyond the capabilities of TPE.” As we all knew, TPE is a great (probably the first) app to provide the ephemeris information in an app, which was also the app that inspired me to add the ephemeris feature to the PlanIt. But our goal is this app is way more than what TPE can do.  As he already pointed out, being able to preview the Sun/Moon/Star/MilkyWay position using the VR mode is a great addition. Not to mention the simulation of the timelapse and the startrail feature. 

BTW, Joerg also helps us to translate the app into Germany after he saw some translations were not accurate (as they were not translated by a real photographer). Thanks. We will have a new release soon to include his translation.