We are working hard for our next release of the Photographer’s Field Tools. We decided to rename it to PlanIt! because we will introduce several apps in this Photographer’s Tools Series. The PlanIt! is the first app in this series. We have three more apps in the pipe line.

We also have a Google+ beta tester community opened. If you are existing Photographer’s Field Tools users who purchased the Pro version or purchased the in-app purchase of the Ephemeris features in the free version, we can invite you to join this community so that you get access to the beta releases.

You can find an updated tutorial which includes the new features.

PlanIt! Ephemeris Features (next release)

Here are a few screenshots of the new features. We called it the Viewfinder.

1. The view from the Glacier Point to the Half Dome. It is in a panorama. The Milky Way runs over the Half Dome at about 11pm and there is no moon. It will be a perfect night to capture the magnificent starry Glacier Point view.



The same view except the phone is rotated to landscape orientation so that you can see the viewfinder in a larger view.



2. To date the famous Ansel Adams’s Moon and Half Dome. You can find details in the attached pdf file. This screenshot below shows you another perfect date in 2017 that is almost the same as 12/28/1960 when Ansel took his legendary photo.



3. The time-lapse settings. Now you can set a different azimuth, elevation angle and focal length for the starting and ending times and we will visually show the whole time-lapse process to you in the viewfinder.


4. Simulate the star-trails. All the stars are at their real positions at the giving time.