In a real camera, we have grid lines in the viewfinder and the LCD to help us composing the scene, usually 3×3 grid with diagonal lines for certain cameras.  In the Lightroom, there are more choices for the grid lines in the crop tool –  1/3, golden ratio, spiral, etc. I think it would be great that PFT can has such a grid line too for the focal length tools because I often find that I have to look at the above/below angle values and do calculation in my mind. Would it be easier if the grid line will show me the exact composition I want? Here you go. So far, we added 1/3, 1/4, 1/6 and golden ratio four grid lines. Here is an example of Mt. Shasta with 1/3 grid lines because I want the sky/mountain takes 1/3 of the scene, the reflection and lake takes the other 2/3. I can make sure this composition just by looking at the grid lines.

Mt Shasta - Vertical - Grid Lines

It also works for horizontal focal length tool. For example, in the composition below, I can easily make sure the half dome takes 1/3 of the scene.

Half Dome - Focal Length - Grid Lines


Is it real? Yes. You can see the shot I took below which is at 32mm as PFT said.

8-8-2013 8-28-32 AM