We are glad to release a free version of the Photographer’s Field Tools.  Comparing with the paid version,  the free version has all the tools (location, distance, horizontal focal length, vertical focal length and dof) except the elevation, pin, marker, save/load features. You can download it from the Play Store here.

At the same time, we release v1.2 of the Photographer’s Field Tools. Now we call it the Pro version. In this release, we added a much anticipated feature – save/load the settings. You can save the current settings to file on sd card. It includes everything. You can load it later when you want to work on it again or when you are on the field. The features can be accessed using the Menu key.

The second feature we added is to display the clearance details in addition to the color coded line. Both the clearance height and angle are displayed because the height will weight differently when it is close to the camera location v.s. far away from the camera. The Angle, on the other hand, will carry the same weight regardless of the location.

Menu   Clearance Details


There are also other small features. For example, now you can display both camera location and the scene location (or one of them) in the Location tool. You can also set the height of the camera. The elevation data from the Google or the Bing Map doesn’t include the fact if you are standing on a ladder or on a high building. By setting the height of the camera, we can further make sure the clearance calculation is more accurate.