I was busy having a baby last week and finally got time to do what I should do – help Japan who just suffered from one of the biggest earthquake and the tsunami. We donated $100 to America Red Cross to help victims in Japan.As we promised earlier, all sales from Tip Calculator (about $10) are included in this amount. Attached please find the receipt.

Human beings are so vulnerable not only before natural disasters but also before man-made structures. The most dangerous situation is not the earthquake or the tsunami itself but the endangered Fukushima nuclear plant. Because of that, millions effect by the radiations now and in the future years. Because of that, supplies cannot be shipped to the flooded places. Because of that, some people who were buried under the debris died as no one come to save them. We, as a whole human being, should be awoken from this man made disaster and stop using nuclear energy. And this is not the first time nor the last time. We should still remember what happened in Chernobyl. It is still a ghost town after twenty years. Hundreds of thousands of people, if not more, still suffered from cancers right now at the moment from that disaster. WE ARE JUST NOT READY FOR NUKES.