While I was happy to sell enough apps every day for the lunch money, it was quite a shock yesterday morning when I routinely checked in to see how many sales during the night. More than 300 copies of Advanced Ruler Pro was sold since 4am that morning (a three hour period). So I quickly googled around and found out what happened. It was Recombu who posted a review on Advanced Ruler Pro a couple of days ago, which was linked by Gizmodo that morning. Gizmodo is a very popular website for gadgets so it was quickly followed by many retweets and blogs, forming a nice rippling effect. The sales were phenomenal during the day. I checked again this morning, There are more than 1000 sales yesterday. I know the ripple will die down after a few days but it is certainly a joyful ride.

Here are some posts for Advanced Ruler Pro I found that are original in addition to the recombu and gizmodo links above.

Lifehacker: http://lifehacker.com/5563041/advanced-ruler-pro-measures-large-distances-with-your-smartphone

Wirefresh: http://www.wirefresh.com/advanced-ruler-pro-android-app-asks-how-tall-is-that-tree/

Reddit: http://www.reddit.com/r/Android/comments/cexn2/just_happened_across_this_little_app_that_saved/

The last one is very interesting as the guy measured the same pole using Advanced Ruler Pro and a real surveying equipment. The difference is only 1.32% (25.33 ft. v.s. 25 ft.). As a matter of fact, if one puts the phone on a stable tripod like a surveying equipment does so that the phone doesn’t shake when taking the measurement, I bet Advanced Ruler Pro can produce even better accuracy.