Advanced Bubble Level Pro is actually a very powerful tool when enabling the camera and custom inclination.  Here are two tutorials to unlease the power from the app.

1. Task: need to hang several picture frames on the wall parallel along a staircase.

  • Put the phone along the staircase rail to measure the slope vertically (see #1 in the picture below). Make sure the “y degree” is 0 meaning the phone is vertical. The “x degree” is 31 degree.
  • Adjust the “x inclination” by dragging the dial on the top rim. You can use keypad if you feel it is hard to fine tune the dial. The “x inclination” should be 31 degree as well.
  • Turn on the camera. You will see some red lines in the camera preview. These are faked laser lines to help you align.
  • Hang on the first frame. Of course you can use the Bubble Level Pro to make sure the frame is leveled.
  • Tilt the phone so that the bubble is in the center (when the lines turn green). Because you set “x inclination” to 31, it means the line is parallel with the staircase rail when the bubble is centered. Use the line to guide your partner to hang the rest of frames at the exact correct location (see #2 in the picture below).

Developer’s comment: This is not possible if you use any other bubble level apps on the Android market. You can see how Advanced Bubble Level Pro making the task possible.

2. Task: read the height of the sun/objects in degrees in a simple way. I’m a photographer, and sometimes I need to know when the sun will be at a specific height (to know when will rise a big building, or to know the exact time for sunset if there are some hills in my horizon, or…) i just to do it with an inclinometer, but could be a comfortable advance to have it in the phone.

(this is a real use case suggested by one of our users Javi)

  • Turn on the camera feature on Advanced Bubble Level Pro under 360 degree surface mode
  • Hold the phone upright, aim at the sun so that it is in the center of the aiming scope, the “y degree” reading will be the degree of sun relative to the horizon

Developer’s comment: This is made possible because of both the camera feature and the plumb feature inside Advanced Bubble Level Pro. When you use 360 degree surface mode and hold the phone vertically, the bubble will be at the center only when your phone is absolutely vertical (no tilting left and right, AND  no tilting backward and forward) like a plumb.

There are probably more such examples. If you find a smart way of using this app, please feel free to add a comment on this post. Enjoying!