We released Advanced Bubble Level over the weekend. There are many bubble level apps on android already. Our app should look better and feel more real than most other apps. In addition, ours has two advantages that most other level apps don’t have. First, we allow custom inclination. If you want to level a slope that is not horizontal, you can do it. Just adjust the two dials on the rim which will adjust the x and y inclination of the slope independently.Secondly, we allow camera level. You can turn on camera preview and level an object inside the camera. This feature is very useful when you hang some objects that far from each other but you want to them to be along one line. You can use this app to create a faked laser line in the camera preview. As a matter of fact, this is not just a level but also a plumb that can measure something vertical. Just put the phone vertical on 360 degree surface mode. When you make the bubble in the center, it means the phone is vertically straight.