I started this app just for some fun playing with phone camera API but it turned out to be a serious effort and commitment to make it a real app that have some serious use cases.

Use case 1: You are your friend are hiking on the mountain and see a tall tree. Out of the curiosity, you want to find out the height of the tree. Without a tape, how do you find out? Well, even with a tape, you can’t climb that high.

Use case 2: Again you are hiking. You want to find out how far you are away from the home base where there is a canyon in between. You happen to know the tall tree you just measured yesterday. That’s where your home base is.

Use case 3: You want to find out how tall if your apartment building next to your window. You certainly don’t have such a long tape but you know how tall is the window as you have the same type of window in your apartment.

In any cases, when the object is tall to climb too or too far to walk to, you can leverage the camera ruler feature in the Advanced Ruler Pro.

Without saying too much, check it from Android market from your phone. It is called Advanced Ruler Pro. I still plan to add a few more features to it. After you try it, please feel free to share your thoughts 🙂