Several users suggest we should add camera feature to Advanced Protractor we released a few days ago and make it a paid app. So we did. It is actually quite neat. You can start the camera preview feature and the camera image will show up to cover the whole screen and the protractor is shown as an overlay on top of it. All you need to do is to align the protractor origin with the angle’s vertex and freeze the image. Then you can use finger or keypad to adjust the protractor hands to line up with the vertex’s edges. In the Pro version, we added a second protractor hand so that you use both protractor hands to measure an angle.

In order to get an accurate measurement, here are some key points.

  1. Always enable the second protractor hand from the settings when using camera. It is enabled by default in Pro version. If you don’t use the second hand, it is difficult to line up the origin point and one edge at the same time when you try to freeze the image.
  2. Make sure your phone is parallel to the angle you want to measure
  3. Use keypad to adjust the protractor hands, of course, only if your phone has a physical keyboard. They left/up and right/down keys will adjust the hand by -1 and 1 degree respectively. Shift+arrow key will adjust by 0.1 degree. By default, the first hand will be adjusted. If you hold Alt key at the same time, it will adjust the second hand. When you try to line up the edges, keypad will be a lot easier to use than the finger dragging.