I haven’t seen a protractor on Android market. After we did the Advanced Ruler, we decided to make a protractor to make our offer complete.

Even though we called it Advanced Protractor, it is both a protractor and a level/plumb. It works in both auto mode and manual mode. In auto mode, the protractor’s hand will move with the phone orientation. In this mode, it can be used as a level/plumb. We read the values from phone’s sensor so I guess the accuracy depends on those sensors. We can’t guarantee the accuracy but when we tried on Droid, it is quite accurate. In manual mode, the protractor’s hand will move with your finger. You can use it to measure angle on paper like a traditional protractor.

Here are the list of features.

  1. Auto mode: can be used as level/plumb and protractor, manual mode: works like a traditional protractor
  2. Different background. Swipe left and right will change the background instead of going through settings screen.
  3. Multi-function phone to toggle measure mode and the protractor hand position
  4. Lock button to lock the reading so that you have a chance to write the value down