There are several nice ruler apps on iPhone but I didn’t find any good ones on Android. I guess one reason could be Android phones come with different sizes so it is not easy to calibrate the ruler. But in Advanced EyeCharts we released a few days ago, we already solved this issue. So we decided to make a ruler app to leverage what we’ve got. And above all, it looks beautiful and is easy to use. So here you go.
Here are the list of features:
  1. Inch/cm conversion.
  2. Rulers on both edges. We decided not adding a ruler to top edge and bottom edge. Although it is very easy to add one, we don’t really think it is necessary.
  3. Measure from screen edge and the phone edge. When you try to measure a corner, measuring from the phone edge will be useful.
  4. Different background. Swipe left and right will change the background instead of going through settings screen.
  5. Multi-function button to toggle or reset origin (single click) and toggle unit (long click)
  6. Measure length longer than the phone length using press and sliding method. Align ruler origin with the starting point of the distance you want to measure, finger pressed firmly on the end of ruler and slide the phone.  Note the ruler will slide with your finger. When the finger goes almost out of the screen, stop sliding, release finger and press at the beginning of screen then continue sliding  until the phone reaches the full distance, the reading of ruler will be the full distance. After that, double click on the ruler scale area will reset the ruler back to the origin. The multi-function button will reset the ruler too.